​Discover How to Connect, Influence and Persuade in the Digital Age

9 keys to unlocking a natural process to persuade customers to buy your products or services. No tricks or deception involved, ever!

Not sure how to connect with your target audience?
Are you uncomfortable with the whole concept of selling online? 
Not sure why your marketing is not working online?

What if you knew the steps to change your mindset about ‘selling' online? What about persuading your clients to do the same and learning to connect with people on a deeper and meaningful level?  Or how about building rapport to create trust and loyalty? Would you like to know the 9 keys to using a customer-focused selling approach and discover a natural process to persuade customers to buy your products or services? (And did I mention with No tricks or deception involved, ever!) 

If you would like to learn how to ethically connect, collaborate and grow to create deeper and meaningful connections with your clients, prospects, friends and family on an emotional level...

... then you are on the right page.

the Internet has changed the world of marketing and The Way we Connect With Each Other

In recent years, the Internet has changed the world of marketing. Marketers can no longer use the same techniques today that worked yesterday. The attitudes and behaviour patterns of your customer have changed, and to be successful online you have to change with them.

In an offline situation it's you as a person who interacts with people, people buy into who you are , what you are about and what you stand for. This is how relationships are formed. And in a business situation when you can meet people's needs or solve their problems you are able to create profits to grow your business and create the life you want. So why not replicate this online? Build meaningful relationships with your clients.

The salespeople of the past saw a customer as a way to make a quick sale. The the business owner of today needs to build relationships. The goal is for the customer to see you as a trusted friend and a valuable source of information. People want to feel like part of the brands they love, rather than just a number in a company’s marketing game.

The key to building relationships well, is to focus on your customers' needs. Listen closely to them and understand their problems, desires and create loyalty and trust. You can then offer the products and services that customers are already actively seeking, rather than trying to convince them to buy products they never wanted in the first place.

The 9 keys to customer-focused selling


Identify which areas you can demonstrate your expertise

Think Like a User

Learn more about you customers

Demonstrate and Educate

Identify areas where your customers need information about your products or services.

Honest Sales Copy

Create authentic sales letter / copy and content

Use Stories to Connect

Outline a story that will help your customers relate to your business

Social Proof

What social proof can you offer


The goal of giving that gift

Genuine Scarcity 

Using scarcity to increase sales


Communicating your marketing message

Introducing Digital Rapport®

In the real/offline world people build rapport with each other on a conscious and subconscious level. We like people who are like us, relate and resonate with us and to whom we are drawn towards such as people who show that they can meet our needs to help fix our problems. Offline we interact with each other, we connect, collaborate and grow using the interactions we share hence growing as a person, a business or organisation. So the question beggars how does one do this online in a virtual world and by using the internet?

In How to Connect, Influence and Persuade in the Digital Age you will learn:

  • check
    How marketing has changed in the last few years
  • check
    Why demonstrating your expertise is critical
  • check
    How to gain a thorough understanding of your customers
  • check
    The importance of educating your customers and how you can do this
  • check
    What to include in your sales copy so that it doesn’t sound like selling
  • check
    How to tell your “story” so that it resonates with people
  • check
    The importance of “social proof” and how to get it
  • check
    The role of giveaways in your business and ideas for ones you can use today
  • check
    The strategy of scarcity and how you can use it to ethically increase sales
  • check
    Why repetition is a good thing and how you can do it without sounding like a broken record
  • check
    Interviews with leading experts 
  • check
    Not only the above but much much more around the space of  marketing, emotions, psychology and human connecton as more courses and training is added. 

Further Your Knowledge and Get Access to related courses

The Psychology of Marketing

Discover psychology principles you can use to connect with your market at each stage of the buying process – driving increased sales and lasting customer relationships.

No matter what business you are in, you need to be able to connect with your prospects and customers on an emotional level.

As It's the only way to build a lasting relationship that leads to loyal, long-term customers. However most people don't know where to start when it comes to establishing that connection and rapport, let alone how to continue connecting throughout the buying process.

With The Psychology of Marketing, you'll be able to use the basic principles of psychology to connect with your market and provide them with the type of information they need at each stage of their decision making process. Learn the basics of psychology so you can understand how your prospects and customers and connect in an ETHICAL way.

How To Connect With Your Audience Through Storytelling

Research shows that like-ability is one of the main drivers behind consumer purchase decisions. While there are many ways to make yourself ‘likeable’, a good story about yourself or your brand is one of the most distinctive and memorable methods.

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Philip Pullman, British novelist

As the quote from Philip Pullman points out, people crave stories. And, the like-ability created by a good story has a bigger influence on the customer than any other factor. Studies show that it does this by a factor of 3 to 1 for television commercials and 2 to 1 for ads.

Stories engage a number of parts of the brain. In addition to areas dealing with language and logic, they also activate areas related to sensory stimuli. A study by the Emory Institute in Atlanta in which participants read the novel Pompeii and then had MRI scans found that the novel’s story led to increased activity in the left temporal cortex, which is one area highly associated with language. It also found that just thinking about an action triggers the same areas that performing the action does.

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