Digital Rapport® by  Jatinder Palaha is a concept/idea that represents the synchronicity and harmony between customers and clients, both online and offline using digital media to build and nurture relationships in business and personal life using relationship marketing methods. Hence Helping business owners, entrepreneurs, personal brands, coaches, speakers, experts, internet marketers/information marketers, authors grow their business online.

Use this site to help you understand the strategies and marketing methods you could use to grow your business online and stand out amongst the crowd and effectively grow your business online using digital methods. Learn about online influence, connection and persuasion and how you can become an authority in your respected niche.

There are 3 cores principles that Jatinder uses in his Digital S.I.M.A.C Method™. These are as follows:

  • Strategy: The first stage of any business is Strategy. This is about the Overall objective of the business which covers things like, connection, positioning, planning. Starting by conducting market research and evaluating the industry, gain strategic and tactical options and solutions for your offering.
  • Implementation:  The second stage is about building out your business and also covers things like collaboration, building and how you can automate your business. This could be with people or using automated systems to create synchronicity.
  • Marketing: Then its all about marketing with connection. Because your system is now in place you can focus the rest of your time creating better relationships to get more clients for more growth.

About Jatinder

Jatinder has worked within the Internet industry for over 15 years, focusing on digital strategy, implementation and marketing. Jatinder’s career spans IT, Internet marketing and website production experience within major organisations including  The Tetley Group and Sun Microsystems, a fortune 500 company.

Helping create subject matter experts and taking small to medium sized businesses online, is one of Jatinder’s real passions, as is helping them to grow and maintain a top-notch online reputation amongst their customers and consumers. To find out more about Jatinder, click here