Digital Rapport® by  Jatinder Palaha is a concept that represents the synchronicity and harmony between customers and clients, both online and offline using digital media to build and nurture relationships in business and personal life using relationship marketing methods. Hence Helping entrepreneurs, personal brands, coaches, speakers, experts, internet marketers/information marketers, authors grow their business online.

Digital Rapport® can help you get more customers, more traffic and more sales for your business website, services or products.  Providing digital relationship marketing techniques with bite sets us apart from the rest, whilst establishing long term relationships with our clients.

Digital SIM™ – Digital Strategy, Implementation and Marketing for creating an authority status business. This website is a resource to help you grow online and position your self or your business as the expert in your respected niche. Digital Rapport® aims to help you grow your new or existing business so you can attract more customers, more sales and add more profit to your bottom line

Use this site to help you understand the strategies and marketing methods you can use to grow your business online and stand out amongst the crowed.

The Digital Rapport® Process outlines the steps to take in order to effectively grow your business online using digital methods. The process starts form target audience needs all the way through to servicing clients in that industry or niche market.

Our creativity, strategic insight, business connections and years of experience position us in helping new and sme business get online and then using digital technology to help nurture and build long term relationships.

This is how we work:

The approach has transformed the marketing communications of countless brands and businesses. Our customer service from the very first meeting and throughout the relationship focus’s on delivering impact, so you know you’ll get results for your investment.

About Jatinder

Jatinder has worked within the Internet industry for over 10 years, focusing on digital strategy , implementation and marketing and more recently, with the growth of social media, online reputation management. Jatinder’s career spans IT, Internet marketing and website production experience within major organisations including  The Tetley Group and Sun Microsystems, a fortune 500 company.

Helping create subject matter experts and taking small to medium sized businesses online, is one of Jatinder’s real passions, as is helping them to grow and maintain a top notch online reputation amongst their customers and consumers. To find out more about Jatinder, click here