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Digital Rapport® Podcast with Jatinder Palaha

About The Digital Rapport® Podcast

On this podcast, we're on a journey exploring and bringing you expert insights in web psychology, emotional intelligence, personal development, human behaviour, spirituality and digital business and then sharing those learnings with you so you can build rapport, create better relationships, connect, influence and inspire in the digital age both on and offline. Learn about influence, connection and persuasion and how to turn your skills and knowledge into an authority business online. Welcome to the Digital Rapport® podcast 🙏🏻 

About the Host

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Jatinder Palaha

Digital Business Coach | Web Revenue Strategist | Award-Winning IT Consultant | Author

With over 15 years of industry experience in business and personal development. I can help you or your small business cut through the noise and map out the most efficient path from point A to Point B and Guide you on How To Transform Your Skills And Knowledge Into A Structured And Automated Coaching, Consulting or Author Business Without Tech Overwhelm, Noise or Distractions Online.

Get 1:1 Step-By-Step and Strategic Guidance. I can help you set up the right systems and implement strategic content strategies to start, grow or scale your business online with 1:1 services and online courses