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Personal Branding Cheat Sheet

Personal branding = marketing strategy focused on you. It requires you to work out who you really are (your skills, values, passions, and personality), Who you want to serve (your target market or audience) How

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Power Words for High-Converting Copy

The 20 Most Influential Words in Advertising Suddenly Now Announcing Introducing Improvement Amazing Sensational Remarkable Revolutionary Startling Miracle Magic Offer Quick Easy Wanted Challenge Compare Bargain Hurry –

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The 7 Secret Principles of Hypnotic Writing

A few years back I brought a book called  “Hypnotic Writing” from Joe Vitale. It’s one of the best investments I ever made in learning not just good, but great copywriting that converts like

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Did You Know These Things About Content Marketing?

Writing content is only half the job. The other half is promoting your content. You’ll do best when you invest as much time promoting your content as you do writing it. Content that is at least 2,000

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Marketing Lessons Learned From Psychopaths

In my never ending search for ways to better appeal to my audience, I sometimes venture into the dark recesses of the human psyche so that I might better understand my customers and even myself. I’m

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How To Add 100+ Subscribers To Your List Every Week

If you’re serious about building your Internet business, then you’ve got to be serious about building your opt in list. Nothing else can guarantee you financial security like having your own

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4-Step Process for Meeting Your Blogging Deadlines

A 4-Step Process for Always Meeting Your Blogging Deadlines Consistency is essential when running a top-notch blog and there are many ways to successfully manage your blogging schedule. Every writer is

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How to write catchy blog titles

The title of your blog post can make or break the visibility of your content. People skim on the internet and if your title doesn’t catch their attention, they’ll pass it by. Here are some

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How to get more blog engagement

A great way to engage your audience is to ask questions in your content. A direct question addressed to the reader gets them thinking and encourages them to respond. If done skillfully, you can turn every

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The Power of Resending Unopened Emails for Higher Engagement

When you run an email list, there are some subscribers who don’t open your emails. This could be because they aren’t interested in your offer. But since they signed up to receive your content,

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