Hey Mic Sound Test / Rode VideoMic Me / Rode Smart Lav

Ooops the exposure on the iPhone SE came out slightly off due to testing. Had several clips which where ok but to keep consistency I matched them up to the lesser looking good one 🙁 , the face dial camera on the iPhone was used. Generally the main camera is better but I used the FaceTime camera because if people are doing facebook live or creating a straight into camera video then this would be the default. 

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Why You Should Be Using Videos

Not sure about using video for your business? Many business owners are a little concerned about this. This may be due to not feeling comfortable with creating videos. Or it may be wondering if they are really worthwhile. This article should help dispel your fears on both accounts. According to research done by Cisco videos …

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Where to Market Your Videos

You have now created your first video, congratulations! Now just where and how do you market them? While your first choice may be uploading them to YouTube, there are other places that you will want to use too. Uploading your videos to YouTube is a great video marketing practice and should be one of your …

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Benefits of Video Marketing

Did you know that Google now owns YouTube? This is just one reason why you should start incorporating videos into your marketing methods. According to research a video can easily reach 84% of the U.S. population who have an internet connection. Other statistics state that any type of web page that has a video on …

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Mobile Video

When it comes to video marketing it now makes sense to add mobile video into the mix. After all most people own at least one type of mobile device. Don’t miss out on this potential traffic source by not having mobile friendly videos. Using Apps can really help you market your videos across mobile platforms. …

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How to Display Your Videos

One of the potential turn offs from using videos on your website is not knowing how to display them. While you may see some marketers using fancy video playing tools this is not absolutely necessary. The easiest way to get a video onto your website or blog is my using the Embed commands from YouTube …

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