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The Shadow Effect

Are you ready to reclaim the gold in the darkness? Would you like to take back your power today? Are you longing to express your greatness? I saw a film called The Shadow effect by Debbie ford Featuring

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Multiple Streams of Inspiration Volume 2

When a dream becomes a reality it is hard to explain the feeling, when a dream becomes a reality can anyone else grasp how you feel? Is that moment unique in the universe or do others also feel what

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Living Life  is the essence of what we do on this planet we call mother earth. We live our days with the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, the high and the low, the happy and the sad.

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New Beginnings

You were sitting down and gazed into the distance only to notice a magnificent wonderful sunset. As you shifted your attention you noticed a character walking towards it, an apple in one hand and destiny

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What do we remember the the most?

Experiences right? Good ones and bad ones! So why is that? Its probably because a good experience leaves you feeling happy, joyful, pleasurable, and positive. The experience becomes your memory that you

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