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In this #podcast #interview, I have a conversation with scriptwriter and consultant David Fox about creating and writing stories that connect with and move your audience. He shares many insights about how #storytelling works and why it is so important for business and personal life.

David Fox is …

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What is Jasper AI?
Jasper AI is a AI writing software tool that helps you produce high-quality content quickly and easily. It’s easy to use, has a clean interface, and takes only a few minutes to finish writing your article. In addition, Jasper AI is one of the most affordable options out there.

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In this episode, I talk to #InfluencerMarketing strategist Gordon Glenister, author of influencer marketing strategy and host of Influence the global podcast, shining a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry.

Gordon Glenister is the global head of influencer marketing at the Branded Conten…

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How To Make a Professional Looking Logo with Looka for under £15

Side Project Hustle Series - this is where I share how-to videos on different aspects of your business.

In this video, I share a simple way you can create a business logo with a small budget.

Looka - https://www.jatinderpalaha.co…

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How to build a website using WordPress and Generate press

A simple tutorial on how to get a WordPress up and running quick

Generate Press - https://www.jatinderpalaha.com/recommends/generate-press/

Please note, links on this video are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I will earn…

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Who really is dictating the shape of your life?
Are you living with intention?
Are you doing what you really want to do with your time?

Living a life of 'shoulda' is only a projected perception or a perception you have taken on from external sources. When you pause and reflect and decide how yo…

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A conversation with Kalpesh Patel - How To Be Authentic and Build Rapport with Others

Isn't it interesting how being authentic may be seen as inauthentic by another?

Isn't it interesting that in our worldview, when we express our values, those things may not be valued by others?

We all think we …

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Engaging content for multi-cultural and multi-faith communities to promote wellbeing and better #MentalHealth. The book helps all people connect and learn about different cultures and communities, by reaching out to their inner artist whilst learning through meaningful stories. Colouring Culture ai…

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In this episode (How We Suffered in Business and Then Turned Things Around) we spill the beans and talk about maintaining business through lockdown in or particular order we cover the following points:

How Do You Deal With Business Failure
- what we have been doing in lockdown in order to maintain…

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In this episode, I chat to Ninder Johal  DL  - deputy lieutenant West Midlands about How To Use The Power of Influence To Grow Your Brand

How Can You Become An Influencer and Grow Your Brand
- What is influence? How does it work
- What makes up influence and component parts
- Power of Influence …

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In this episode podcast, we talk about staying focused in a digitally noisy world. We explore the ways in which we can remain focused and get things done. In no particular order we cover:

How Can You Control Your Focus and Not Get Distracted?
- Social media as a distraction
- Chemical addiction

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How To #Structure Your #Podcast #Interview with Dr Savi Arora -
Also on iTunes - http://bit.ly/structurepodcast

The Digital Rapport® where I share with your how to connect, influence and inspire in the digital age. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, I'm on a journey exploring …

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In this episode, I talk to Dr Mandeep Rai. Author of the international bestseller (Wall Street Journal and the Sunday times): The Values Compass - What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership, about how can values affect one's behaviour in life.

Mandeep is a global authority on …

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In episode 30 of the Digital Rapport® podcast, we have Duncan Gledhill the Founder of Emailmovers about #EmailMarketing and how Your #Message Relevancy Is "KING" and howe mail marketing can benefit your #business.

Duncan has been in email marketing for as long as he can remember - "there must ha…

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How not being aware of #SpiritualEgotism Can #Influence Your Life Both on and off-line - https://www.digital-rapport.com/spiritual-egotism/

In this episode, I'm in the presence of some great minds and dear friends. We talk about Spiritual Egotism. We talk about some deep topics and how being in sp…

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Dec. 24, 2020

Walk 4 Char Sahibzaade


Dear All,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.🙏

Every year in #Sikh households, December 22nd to 27th is commemorated as Shaheedi week - *a week of sacrifice.* In particular, we remember the sacrifices made by the 4 Sahibzaade (Ajit Singh, Jujar Singh, Jorawar Singh, …

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Learn how connection, skills and the knowledge we have acquired can be used to add value and deepen connections and relationships when building #rapport with those around us. 

Lecturer and Author #BrenéBrown said, “I define #connection as the #energy that exists between people when they feel seen,…

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Dr Savi Interviews me on Sikh Channel's Media Watch Program - We talk about my journey as a #DigitalEntrepreneur helping others grow online. With over 15 years of industry experience, I share insights about connecting and growing your business online.

In this video we talk about :
- Digital Prod…

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How To Grow Your #Coaching #Business Online: Case Study with

We explore deep psychology, rapport, business, #OnlineMarketing, mindset and the truth about what it really takes to succeed online. 90mins of awesome content.

See What happens when you get 3 heart centred entrepreneurs in a room as we…

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Discover how to connect, influence and inspire in the digital age. We'll be talking about digital marketing, business, mindset, personal development and spirituality. Learn about online influence, connection and inspiration and how to turn your skills and knowledge…

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Media Watch Interview with Dr Savi Arora, Jo Sidhu QC and Jatinder Palaha (27th May 2020) on Sikh Channel

We talk about #Science, #Technology, #Digital, #Tracking, #COVID and #Government on #Sikh #Channel

Jatinder Palaha - http://www.jatinderpalaha.com

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Expert Interviews here - https://www.jatinderpalaha.com/rapport-guide/
What is Digital Rapport® and #Rapport Building Tips When Doing Live Broadcast - presentation with London YES group on How To Build Rapport When Doing Live Video / #facebook / #zoom / #skype call

How to create deep Digital Rapp…

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The Ultimate #PaneerRecipe | Paneer Curry Recipe | Amazing

My signature paneer dish as seen on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jatinderpalaha/

The people asked so I decided to share. My mission to make #Dhaba Style Paneer #Masala / Paneer Makhani Recipe. Check out How To Make Paneer Masala at…

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#MacAttram Shares How To Build Rapport With Your #Audience AND HOW TO #BUILD #RAPPORT WITH YOUR #TARGETMARKET by going into the world of your #prospects #mind

As simple as it sounds, novelist Lucy Montgomery, wasn’t wrong when she wrote in her book a line which read “How are you going to find ou…

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