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March 15, 2021

34 - The Power of Influence | Ninder Johal DL

34 - The Power of Influence | Ninder Johal DL

In this episode, I chat to Ninder Johal  DL  - deputy lieutenant West Midlands about the power of influence.


We talk about :

  • What is influence? How does it work 
  • What makes up influence and component parts 
  • Power of Influence in business 
  • The pros and cons of it 
  • How can we build it 
  • How can we use it in business 
  • What are you looking for in regards to influence in regards to the type of people you feature on the magazine 
  • -Measuring influence  

Ninder is the Owner of the Nachural Group 

  •  which encompasses a music label (Nachural Records ), 
  •  Nachural Events 
  •  and the publisher of the 
  •  Business Influencer Magazine.




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