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Relationship Marketing: Grow your relationships, Grow your Income

drbDear Business Owner,

You hear it from so many frustrated entrepreneurs…”I’m just not a sales person!” They use as an explanation for everything from a less-than-stellar month to failed venture. And the rest of us nod our heads wisely and sympathize, because deep down, we feel the same way.

Selling makes us uncomfortable. High-pressure tactics, cold calling, and asking for the sale are all just a bit outside most of our comfort zones.

Sure, we can force it – and a lot of successful business owners do just that, eventually overcoming their own awkwardness and discomfort to reach a level of success they’re happy with.
But surely there must be an easier way…

..Build Relationships, Not Sales!
In the last few years there’s been a growing trend in retail to refer to customers not as customers or clients, but as guests. It might sound a little hokey, but there’s a solid reason for it. The word customer is associated with spending. Customers buy things.

Customers spend money.Customers are a necessary annoyance.
Guests, on the other hand, are welcomed. They’re friends. They visit because they like us, and we like them. Whole different meaning, wouldn’t you say?

What retail has been doing for years, online businesses are finally starting to catch on to – forming relationships is a much better method of driving sales than advertising and pushy salesmen ever will be.
And that makes sense, if you think about it, because…

We Buy More from People We Know, Like, and Trust

I know that doesn’t come as a surprise to you. That’s a bit of wisdom that’s been floating around on the Internet for a long time, but sadly, many people don’t seem to know what it means.

They continue with the old ways of selling – long, glaring sales pages, loud video pitches without even the courtesy of a pause button let alone a written offer, and the online equivalent of pushy used-car salesmen eager to get you to part with your money.
Of course, these methods all work, otherwise they wouldn’t still be around, but they have one major drawback…

The Hard Sell Only Produces Short-Term Results

You’ve probably bought from a few of these marketers. I know I have. But like me, I bet you never bought from them again. Why? Because you don’t feel like you know them!

If your only exposure to Mr. Video Sales Page was through an affiliate link on a blog you read, you have no reason to like or trust him. You made your purchase based on the strength of the recommendation, not because you have confidence in the person behind the offer.

So he made a sale, but so what? If he’s not building a relationship with you, then he can’t count on you for more sales in the future, and that sale was a waste of his time. Remember…

It’s Much Easier to Sell an Existing Customer than Recruit a New One

That’s a true statement, but it assumes you are building a relationship with your customers, not collecting drive-by sales.
Here’s a fact that might shock you: Acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5 times more than it costs to sell to an existing customer. Add to that the fact that customer profitability increases the longer they are your customer (they buy more expensive products as time goes on) and you can see why building relationships is so critical for your success.

“Okay, I Get It! But How Do I Build Relationships When All I Have is an Email Address?”

It sounds hard, doesn’t it? Everyone online is so anonymous, hiding behind screen names or even pseudonyms. But that doesn’t mean you can’t forge a bond simply be being sincere and genuine in all you do.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that, like

Making the most of social networks – yes, you can use them for selling, if you go about it the right way.
Making a connection through the words you use – when you have a relationship with your audience, you’ll automatically know how to say just the right thing to make a sale.
Tweaking your approach through careful testing and studying of the results – spreadsheets and stats might sound like the furthest thing from relationship building, but only when you really know what works can you hope to give your readers what they want!

Learn the Top Tips for Building Relationships that Last

Give me just a few hours of your time, and I’ll show you how you can quickly build long-lasting relationships online, and use those relationships to increase your profits, grow your business, and even build MORE relationships!

In “Relationship Marketing: Grow Your Relationships, Grow Your Income,” I’ll tackle the tough questions about relationship marketing like…

Learn the Top Tips for Building Relationships that Last

Give me just a few hours of your time, and I’ll show you how you can quickly build long-lasting relationships online, and use those relationships to increase your profits, grow your business, and even build MORE relationships!

In “Relationship Marketing: Grow Your Relationships, Grow Your Income,” I’ll tackle the tough questions about relationship marketing like…

How to be social when you’re not – we work online for a reason, right? Learn how to overcome those social phobias and get past the sweaty palms and burning cheeks.
The difference between friends, fans, and customers – and why they just don’t mix.
How triggers can change the way you do business – and how to discover the most powerful triggers in your market.

Plus, I’ve added plenty of solid, actionable steps to get you off on the right foot, such as…

7 powerful ways to tell your contacts you know who they are – we all want to be acknowledged, so make sure you take time to do this consistently
6 must-use social networks – including two that might shock you!
9 tips for making the most of Facebook – because it’s not enough to just interact randomly
2 incredible offline relationship building opportunities you’re probably missing out on
8 uses for forums beyond creative procrastination – and you probably didn’t even know about 4 of them!

Once you’ve got your relationship building plan in place and you’ve set up all your social media accounts, it’s time to get to work. I’ll help you get started with…

An 8-step checklist for making the most of your time – simply hanging out on social media all day isn’t going to work, you need a solid plan
The often forgotten and hugely critical step you must take if you want to succeed at relationship marketing – miss this one and you might as well go back to those hard-sell techniques we all hate.
The number one rule of engagement – miss this one, and you’ll be building a relationship with an empty room.

Finally, there’s plenty that can go wrong, too, so I wrap up this guide with the 6 mistakes that will kill even the best relationship marketing strategies, including one that will actually prevent people from buying from you!

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Yes! I want to build better relationships with my customers and clients to I can grow my business. I understand that in addition to everything listed above, I’ll also learn:

The difference between selling in conversations – and how to create one from the other.
How to maintain a social presence even if I’m a complete hermit.
4 types of interactive content Facebook readers love – and that can help me forge a relationship even with people I don’t know.
Why quality trumps quantity every time – and how to avoid the trap of begging for “likes”.
The one social network proven to increase my search rankings – and how to get people to share my content there.
Tips for making the most of local events, and why volunteering is a great way to get started
Critical statistics I must be tracking – because only by continually tweaking my approach can I hope to improve my results.
Plus much, much more!

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Selling doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and leave you feeling like a used car salesman. In fact, if it does, you’re probably not going to be in business long.

Instead, put your efforts into building relationships and really connecting with your audience, and not only will you have greater success, but you’ll have a lot more fun doing it as well.

Grab your copy of “Relationship Marketing: Grow Your Relationships, Grow Your Income” today and see if you don’t agree.

Thank you
Jatinder Palaha

Business Owner & Co-author of Multiple Streams of Inspiration 2, 3 & The Art and Science of success vol 6

P.S. Don’t forget, there’s absolutely no risk to you. If you don’t feel this ebook helps your business, simply ask for a refund – that’s how sure I am that “Relationship Marketing” will work for you!