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The best!

I love these guys. They are just so nice and consistent in a world that is crazy and upside down right now.

Thank you!

Changed my life. I really hope I get to meet you one day. Thank you.

Love it

I love this podcast. I want to more episode.

Love this podcast

This is the best podcast in the world. Thanks!

I enjoyed the show!

Thank you for all the insights, I love to learn from you!

Great work

Jatinder and the team are doing such amazing work by connecting people, ideas and and bringing though provoking subjects to the forefront of business through integrity and empowerment! Keep up the great work Jatinder

A learning tool for the ages.

I’m learning so much from this podcast. Great stuff!!


Love listening to all the guests, really handy little tips you pick up. Worth listening to, thank you so much !


Very informative and inspiring. JT engagement with his guests is very natural and in a flow. Recommended. Thank you

Highly recommend

BIG service from Big Fanta, very impressed with the technical customer care and after sales service from the team at BF

Great podcast

This is awesome love the podcast, keep it up A++

A gem of a podcast

Having just discovered this podcast via the episode: Using the Power of Stories To Build Rapport and Connect With Your Audience, I am HOOKED! I've always been mindful of the age old adage: "facts tell, stories sell" and this no holds barred interview provides many valuable insights into how to develop and implement this highly effective trait into your commercial endeavours. A must listen!

Super helpful

I learned a lot from Jatinder and his interview guests. I'll certainly be applying some of the principles they discuss. Look forward to future episodes!

Connect and influence in a digital age

Cool themes and insights, great potential. Looking forward to seeing the direction this takes.

Loved this!

Informative and helpful. Really great insights JT. Well done!


Information that really helps.

OMG!! Excellent!!!

Fantastic podcast, very very informative! Would definitely recommend this to all! JB

Great podcast!

Found the podcast very informative and quite interesting. Learnt a great deal about connecting with existing contacts and interactions with new one. There is more productivity to be had with better communication.

Great podcast - looking forward to me more episodes!

A really insightful podcast offering lots of great tips on how to reach out and connect with people in the digital age. A useful resource for business owners and marketeers looking to grow and develop their online presence and build great business relationships.